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Car Spray Booth Oven

Jun 02, 2022

Painting a car is a complex task that requires a lot of precision, as well as the right conditions to achieve an optimal and unbeatable result. Previously, spray guns were the only tools that were most used in mechanical workshops to fully comply with the painting work, however, with the passage of time, car spray booth emerged, which meant a modernization in the processes for painting and drying.

There is a wide variety of car painting booth on the market, depending on the space available, the type of vehicles served, the investment capacity, among others. Beyond these aspects, there are two fundamental processes in which the cabins have marked the path of their evolution, in favor of energy savings in the process.

Painting times are significantly reduced when you use a downdraft paint booth in your mechanical workshop. By using this technology, you reduce the margin of error and the time to resolve an eventual problem or mistake, such as a repainting process. These booths provide excellent performance both in terms of time and material/product used, thus increasing the productivity of a workshop.

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